Cost of Trip

There is no entry fee for The 48hrs of Tristate.  However, as a driver, we ask that you make a minimum donation of $100 to the charity.  Passengers are asked to donate $75.  As with all donations made, you will receive tickets for the door prize raffle. As a Driver or Passenger, you can attend the breakfast hosted by Subaru of America, door prizes as well as a host of other destinations along the way, if you aren’t registered as a driver or passenger, you can attend the trip but won’t be able to get into all the cool places.

Incidental Costs
A good estimate of incidental costs is about $150-175 per day.  Depending on how much fuel your car will burn on a 1,000 mile trip, how many people you are willing to pack into a hotel room, and how much food you plan on eating during the trip. A good estimate would be about $475-600+ to set aside for the entire trip.