Mission Statement
The mission of 48 Hours of Tristate is to provide an annual Drive for Charity event for regional Subaru Enthusiasts, family, and friends.  This is a great opportunity to spend 48 hours cruise the back streets of America and raise money for local charities.   


Featured-Image-Mission-HistoryThe Origins of The 48hrs of Tristate…

It all started over 15 years ago when 5 NASIOC, then I-Club members, decided they wanted to take a tour of the Tri-state region to meet other members and raise money for a good cause at the same time. Since it’s humble beginnings where we raised $1,500 the project has escalated to raising over $50,000 last few years and encompassing 60 or so cars on our journeys.

This is one of the largest if not THE largest Subaru multi-day cruise ever composed. You will meet and hang with 100 Subie Enthusiasts and some folks have made lifelong friends. Everyone has fun on this cruise, you will not be sorry!




48 Hrs Past Fund Raising Efforts

Since the trips inception in late 2001 for the first trip in 2002, fund raising for charity has been an integral part of the event. Back in 2001, we were planning the trip in the wake of one of America’s darkest days in history. Some of the original attendees actually were effected by the 9/11 attack as well as provided support for the first responders. The small group of folks that first year raised $1,500 for The NYS World Trade Center Relief Fund. In 2003 we donated to The American Cancer Society. For 2004, we switched to Amarylis Lazada Cancer Fund. Starting in 2005 through 2013 we remained with The American Cancer Society, each year raising more than our previous years. We topped out at over $50,000 one year! Over the past 15 events we’ve raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity. Subaru of America has helped by matching our fund raising in the past 10 years. Additionally without the Vendor Sponsors who donate door prizes for our raffles we would never be able to raise as much as we have!