Car Prep

What to Bring

Required Items:

CB Radio- Connected and ready to use, you will need this during the drive. I have this one from Walmart
Tools to remove your wheels and jack your car up, if you have special lugs remember the key.
Bottle of Water- In case of an emergency
EZ Pass- we will need this when going through plazas, if you don’t bring it, speak to Mike at the beginning of the event.
Anything you need for your car to run properly (octane boost if you are tuned, etc etc)
Windshield Wiper Fluid, Extra Gallon (You will go through at least 1 gallon on the trip)

AZP Installs has also agreed to give a discount to help get your car prepped for this epic journey.  Suggestions they have are 30/60/90/120k Service (Oil Change, Trans/Diffy Fluid Change, Coolant Change/Check, Brake Fluid Flushes, etc).  Make sure to mention you are attending The 48hrs of Tristate when contacting them about pre-trip service!

Suggested Items:

Full Sized Spare
Sleeping Bag
Snack Food
Air Pump
Tow Strap w/o Metal Hooks

Car Prep BEFORE You Arrive:

New Wipers
Fill Washer Fluid
Check Oil Level bring extra if you burn it
Check Coolant Level
Check Tire Pressures including spare
Check Headlights