The Origins of The 48hrs of Tristate…

It all started about 12 years ago when 5 NASIOC, then I-Club members decided they wanted to take a tour of the Tri-state region to meet other members and raise money for a good cause at the same time. Since it’s humble beginnings where we raised $1,500 the project has escalated to raising over $50,000 last few years and encompassing 60 or so cars on our journeys.

This is one of the largest if not THE largest Subaru multiday cruise every composed.  You will meet and hang with 100 Subie Enthusiasts and some folks have made lifelong friends.  Everyone has fun on this cruise, you will not be sorry!

Q: How much of the Donations does the chosen charity actually get?

A: 100% of the donations go directly to charity.  Unlike most other fund raising events, this event’s money is entirely donated to the charity.  In fact, when you donate your money, it is done to the charity, we don’t handle the money at all.  You will get a reciept for your donation to use against your income tax as well.

Q: How can the group operate if they don’t take any of the donation money for operating expenses?

A: All of our volunteers donate their time, effort and often monetary resources to foot the bill for the event.  The door prizes are donated by various vendors to help the people who are attending and raising money for the charity to get a little back for their efforts. The past few years, the Corp Sponsors have kicked in money to help offset some of the operating expenses and we’ve been able to use the extra to actually pay for the Banquet!

Q: I have a really slow car, can I still come?

A: ABSOLUTELY! We have 135hp Impreza Ls on the trips with 150k miles as well as 500hp STi monsters.  This trip is a fun caravan around the Tristate area where you neither need speed, nor an offroad vehicle.  Check the car-prep section for what you will need to have in order to survive there are some minimal things like All-Season tires and a CB that you will need.

Q: I can’t make the whole trip, can I participate in only a portion of it?

A: Yes, you can participate in the event at any level you can or are able to participate.  The only “requirement” is that if you are attending any of the official portions of the event you will need to be officially registered as a Driver and/or Passenger.

Q: I live too far to attend, but I want to donate?

A: That’s great! We have lots of people who can’t attend either because they are too far away, or they don’t have the weekend free.  You can still donate through our online page on Make a Wish.