Rules & Info


2018 Trip Information
Jan 11-14th, 2018

The 2018 trip is right around the corner! This year we will be kicking it off in Monroe Township, NJ on Thursday night January 11th.  Friday we will be hosted at  Make-A-Wish Foundation in Central New Jersey for breakfast and a tour of their facility along with the Door Prize Raffle! Friday night we have a private indoor go-cart track reserved for 2 hours of fun at an arcade. Saturday will spend on backroads in the PA/NJ/NY Tristate Area! The trip will conclude on Sunday evening in New Jersey with the closing Dinner.

Rules and Guidelines

In order to maintain a safe environment for all, as well as put forth a courteous and credible posture, all participants should adhere to the following common-sense guidelines while participating in the 48HRS event:

  • This is a charity run, not a race or rally or car show. No burnouts, drifting, redlining the engine, risky passing, or displays of speed.
  • Top off your fuel each night, or be prepared to get up early and fuel your car before the morning departure time. We won’t have time to get everyone fueled in the mornings before rolling out – there are many cars this year, and our schedule is tight.
  • Before heading out each day, make sure you know who your group leader is. If you get completely separated from your group at any point: before you get lost, pull over and call Ted (nhsilversti) at (603) 320-0177.       Ted and his support truck will always be the last vehicle of the entire convoy, and will be available to “sweep up” anyone who loses their group. Also contact Ted if you are planning on intentionally leaving your group for any reason.
  • Keep your headlights on while moving in the convoy. This helps the convoy leader and other drivers ahead of you keep track of the vehicles behind them.
  • From time to time, you will see locals watching our convoy pass by. Be friendly and give them a wave; that little connection goes a long way towards communities welcoming us rather than dreading our arrival.
  • Since not all participants may have an EZ-Pass, the convoy will slow down (but not stop) after passing through toll booths. (If you do not have an EZ-Pass , move towards the front of the group when approaching a toll booth, and make your way to a CASH ONLY lane.) Be patient, as we need to allow those paying cash at the tolls to catch up. The tail-gunner in the convoy will let the leader(s) know when the convoy is intact, and the normal highway pace will resume.
  • If you have vehicle trouble, let someone know. Either get on the CB and make sure someone acknowledges your message, or use your cell-phone to call someone on the contact list. While we will not stop the convoy for one person’s mechanical issues, we will make every reasonable effort to help out. Nobody will be intentionally left behind.
  • If, for some reason, you are stopped by local or state law enforcement for a traffic violation: Be courteous and cooperative. Make the officer/trooper aware that you are on a charity run, and are with a larger group. If something goes terribly wrong and Bruce is our staff attorney contact him asap and hopefully he can help out.
  • When using your CB radio during the event, remember that others may be monitoring our conversations. FCC regulations prohibit profanity on public-access radios, so keep it to a minimum. Remember that the main channel we are on will be used by the convoy leader to alert everyone to direction changes and other items of interest/importance. If you really need to hold a lengthy conversation with another vehicle, plan to switch to another CB channel, or simply use your cell-phones. (Keep in mind that use of a cell-phone without hands-free equipment is a primary moving violation in New Jersey.)
  • Passing slower cars on the highway rules are generally the Group Leader will signal a lane change, and everyone else indicates the lane change. The LAST car in the group moves over and then the 2nd to last, etc until the Group Leader is in the passing lane. This will help keep the group together.
  • When outside your vehicle, whether on a rest stop or at one of our destinations, remember to conduct yourself in a respectable manner, and be courteous to our hosts at the various destinations we have scheduled – these folks were nice enough to open their doors to us.
  • Most of all, have fun. Meet people, make new friends, and enjoy the scenery.